Webmaster Agreement

1. What this Document Covers

This agreement covers all web games & downloadable games published by http://www.box10.com . By downloading any games listed on http://www.box10.com/downloads.php you agree to follow the rules laid out in this document.

2. Distribution

You may host this game on your website (and your website only).You MUST be able to prove that you own the domain the game is hosted on.
Your website must NOT contain;
1) Copyrighted material which you do not have explicit permission to host.
2) Adult or explicit content that may not be suitable for minors.
3) A system that requires payment in order to play games covered in section 1.
4) Other offensive material including but not limited to; racist, pornographic, harassing or liable content.
While hosting you also must NOT;
1) Claim or imply ownership of the game or its content.
2) Edit or change the game in any way including but not limited to; images, advertisements, icons, outgoing links.
3) Block or disable external links from the game file that go to other websites. This includes blocking popups, adverts, new tabs or new windows.
4) Change, alter or amend the credits of the game.
5) Place any HTML, Images, Text, boxes or adverts over the game without written permission from the owners of http://www.box10.com
6) Distribute the game yourself via download or embed, without permission from the owners of http://www.box10.com
7) Display games on your own website via a method called “hot linking”.
8) Display our games in an iFrame.
If it strictly forbidden to;
1) Upload these game files to any website you do not own.
2) Upload or make available on mobile or via the mobile application stores or any application hosted on that store. For example Android Market Place or the Chrome Web Store

3. Ownership

While you may download and host the game on your website as covered in section 2, you accept that ownership of the file and its contents remains with http://www.box10.com . At any time we may ask;
1) That any files or games covered by this agreement be removed from your servers/domain/website.
2) That content around any files or games covered by this agreement be changed, altered or removed. Failure to do so will result in us asking you to remove the game.

4. Right to Alter

We reserve the right to alter, amend or add to this agreement at any time. It is your responsibility to check this document regularly while hosting files covered in section 1. We have no obligation to inform you of any changes made to this document.